''embroidery becomes meditation, and then you can create anything you want''



Embroiderer Alexandra Drenth (1964), based in Amsterdam creates vibrant and mystical textile collages. Taking inspiration from music lyrics and poetry, Alexandra combines old and new to create timeless pieces. Starting as a photographer and oil painter she works mainly in textiles. The central theme in her work is sensitivity, particular seen from a female perspective, with exciting combinations of textile materials, the timeless character, between the old and the new. Releasing the traditional form makes her work liberating and gives new opportunities. Hand embroidered lyrics play an important role, they tell experiences of the lives of women, mystical experiences, melancholic, sometimes full of desire looking for a loved one, complemented by natural elements such as plants, flowers, in hand embroidery. For her clothing she travels back to the past. Materials from a timeless place, a mix between sentiment, tradition and transience. Re-use of textile materials is the starting point of all her work. Her textiles are a journey through time where no sense of time exists.